Black Powder (Rifle & Pistol)

The black powder muzzle loading rifle and pistol match is shot the second Saturday of each month beginning at 8:00 AM on the silhouette range (range 4A & 4B) and lasts about three hours. 

Any muzzle loading rifle with any metallic sight is fine as long as a patched round ball and traditional black powder or a safe black powder substitute such as Pyrodex is used for the rifle matches. A single shot pistol with patched round ball or a cap and ball revolver is used in the pistol match.  

Our match consists of five rifle targets; two targets at 25 yards, two at 50 yards and one at 100 yards, five shots on each target. We generally shoot a combination of NMLRA bulls eye and animal targets. One ten shot pistol match at 25 yards is shot at the end of the rifle match.  All targets are shot from the offhand position.  The pistol match is shot one handed. Ribbons are awarded to individual target and aggregate winners.   

We call ourselves the Treaty Oak Long Rifles and are affiliated with the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.  In addition to Gateway’s normal safety rules additional black powder safety including keeping powder covered at all times, loading behind the firing line and no smoking on the firing line is enforced.    

Our match is low key and our objective is to be safe, have fun and preserve our heritage by shooting muzzle loading firearms.

POC is Rod Ingram 904-403-3807 


Match Director is Stan Goldy  904-859-8887