Cowboy (Cowford Regulators)

Cowboy Single Action Shooting Discipline

Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club is the home range of the Cowford Regulators. Affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), shooters engage steel and knockdown targets with vintage or replica firearms from the Wild West era between 1850 and 1900.

Match Time

4th Saturday Monthly


June through September - Registration @ 7:30 Rounds down range at 8:30 (5 Stages)

October through May - Registration @ 8:00 Rounds down range at 9:00

(6 Stages)



GRPC’s Multi-purpose ranges



GRPC Members $10 / Non Member $15 / Juniors under 21, shoot free…...


……….GRPC Policy 402

"In April of 2010, the Board of Directors voted to eliminate all Club fees in Club matches for shooters under the age of 21.  This change is to encourage new shooters in Club Matches.  The young shooters will continue to have to pay match fees for the NRA fees or other discipline fees as applicable."



Sheriff Misfire Mordecai (aka Jake Mehrman) 904-316-0644


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