Rimfire Benchrest

USRA-IR50/50 is a .22 rimfire benchrest competition that contests a competitor's shooting skills from the bench under limitations specified in the RULES.  Three classes, 13 1/2 lb, 10 1/2 lb, and Sporter (7 1/2 lb), are designed to place competitors on an equal footing. Matches are contested at 50 yards and 50 meters. The unlimited class has fewer restrictions and is contested at 50 yards and meters.

Shoot well locally and gain national recognition within the "Shooter of the Year" program (SOTY) or travel around having fun along the way gaining points for "THE LIST" and moving up in the Unlimited "SCORELINE". Additional programs include class scorelines, "The Hat", and the Unlimited LIST. . . 

At Gateway we will shoot a 3 target Unlimited Class match monthly beginning January 2020. There are no restrictions on weight, scope power, stock shape/profile, or shooting rest. The match target is 25 squares with a bulls-eye and scoring ring on each square. One shot per target square resulting in 25 shots for score. There are unlimited sighters per target and 30 minutes is the allotted time per target.

Matches will be held on the 1st Saturday of the month  1000-1400

Format Benchrest Unlimited Class

Rifles any .22 rimfire

Rests any

Targets 3 targets, 25 Bulls each, score format

Scoring 250/25X possible per target

IR 50/50 22 Benchrest Point of Contact is Don Hardeman who can be reached at 904-631-9458 or Don_Hardeman@MSN.com.

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