Smallbore Rifle Silhouette  


Match Schedule: Fourth Saturday of the month @ 9:30am (see Club calendar)



Metallic silhouette shooting is a group of target shooting disciplines that involves shooting at metal cutouts representing game animals at varying distances. The targets used are rams, turkeys, pigs, and chickens, which are cut to different scales and set at certain distances from the shooter depending on the specific discipline.  Targets are set up in groups of 5 per bank two banks of each target ten total per animal.  Targets are engaged in order of distance: chickens, pigs, turkeys, rams. The target must be knocked down or pushed off the target stand in order to score a hit.


Your First Silhouette Shoot

What can you expect? You can expect to meet some very helpful folks who enjoy the Silhouette shooting sports, and are more than happy to share the experience with others. Our events are run safely and efficiently, but the mood is always laid back... This is a day off... Let’s have some fun, and let the lead ring the steel!


Safety First - Please read the GRPC safety rules.


Set-up - Folks generally start to show up about 8am for sight-in and practice. we load the targets up in the truck; haul ‘em downrange, and set ‘em up. Just takes a few minutes.

Practice - About an hour before the match starts, the targets are open for practice. This is a big help, especially for new shooters. It gives everyone the opportunity to get familiar with their guns and sights, and the different targets and distances.

Sign-up & Assistance - During practice, sign-up will be open at the stats area. The Stats officer and Match Director will be available to greet new shooters and place them with experienced shooters, who’ll guide them through the shoot and range commands. Just walk up and get signed in.

The Match – First match starts at 9:30am. When it's your turn to shoot - It’s really pretty simple… There are 4 courses of fire during a Silhouette shoot… steel chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams. Standing at the firing line, you’ll see 10 freshly painted targets in front of you, all in a neat row, all yours to shoot at, either chickens, pigs, turkeys or rams. You’ll shoot one round at each of the 10 targets. There’s no need to rush, you will have ample time to shoot your targets. The object is to knock down as many of the 10 targets as you can, five shots per bank of 5 targets.

Reset - Once a shooter takes his/her 10 shots, a cease-fire is called. When the Match Director gives the “Go forward” command, the shooters walk downrange and resets the targets they’ve hit, and paints over the bullet splatters.

Rotation - After the target reset is complete and everyone returns to the firing line, each contestant will then move to their next bank of targets. The entire match takes about 1 hour.

Awards - After the shoot, everyone gathers around for the awards. This is a wonderful thing about Silhouette… It’s not entirely about who shoots the most targets. Everyone competes in a class per their shooting ability and for personal achievement awards. There are over 30 different pins awarded at our shoots. There are class awards, Match Winner pins, 5 and 10 hits in a row pins, for each specific animal in all three rifles.

Half a day - The entire shoot, from set-up, to awards end, takes about four and a half hours.

NRA Rules -



Smallbore Rifle and Hunting Rifle


Ten targets, NRA 1/5 scale, are fired upon from each of four ranges. 10 Chickens at 40 meters, 10 Pigs at 50 meters (reduced size), 10 Turkeys at 77 meters, and 10 Rams at 100 meters.  All shooting will be performed offhand with no support.  Standard (Heavy rifles) may not exceed 10 lbs. 2 oz. Hunting (Light) rifles may not exceed 8 ½ lbs or have a trigger pull of less than 2 lbs. Scopes are permitted in both rifle classes. Heavy jackets, palm rests, slings, etc. may not be used for support. Only 22 LR standard velocity ammunition may be used. High velocity, stinger and other hyper-velocity ammunition is not permitted

Smallbore Cowboy Rifle

Ten targets, NRA 1/2 scale, are fired upon from each of four ranges. 10 Chickens at 40 meters, 10 Pigs at 50 meters, 10 Turkeys at 77 meters, and 10 Rams at 100 meters.  All shooting will be performed offhand with no support.  Any lever-action, pump-action or selfloading rimfire rifle with a tubular magazine is permitted. Open (iron) or peep sights are permitted no scoped rifles can be used. Only 22 long rifle ammunition may be used Stingers and other hyper-velocity ammo is not permitted.


Grit Preston is the match director and can be reached by telephone at 904-545-9435